‘Tie The Knot’ wedding show held in West Tennessee

JACKSON, Tenn. – Vendors set up at the New Southern Hotel in Downtown Jackson for the ‘Tie The Knot’ wedding show, to help engaged couples make their dream weddings come true.

“I think every vendor wants to help contribute making weddings days as special as if it can be but ten real purpose of this show is to make planning little bit easier because you get to meet multiple vendors in a single space,” said producer of the show, Heather Marsalis.

Some of the vendors say they are looking forward to making dream weddings a reality.

“I try to be as far away as possible but close enough to where I can capture that moment for them all the way to the sparkler exit,” said vendor, Jennifer Hedgepath.

“We can help them with designing it and planning it just anything they need we can help them with,” said vendor, Lori Hurt.

The bridal show attracted a lot of young couples still looking to check some items off their lists.

“I am looking to find a good place to have a big party because my family is from Memphis and my fiancee family is from here so we have friends in between,” said attendee, Ashton Vernon. “We are probably going to have a arty of 400 possibly.”

Others are still trying to decide what they want their weddings to look like.

“We just know that we are ready to do this,” said attendee. “It’s going to be a great day. Like I said no theme we are just here for some ideas and things we can do to make the day special as possible.”

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