Jackson-Madison Co. Library holds annual ‘Food for Fines’ event

JACKSON, Tenn. — Patrons of the local library get a chance to cut back on their fines and help the community at the same time.

The Jackson-Madison County Library is holding its annual “Food for Fines” event.

Starting Monday, donate canned food or dry food items to the library to eliminate any late fees you owe.

Each item donated will take a dollar off of your late fees, and everything will be donated to local nonprofits.

Adult Services Librarian Jenci Spradlin tells us why they take on this event each year.

“An important part of the library is supporting the community and being a part of the community,” Spradlin said. “So I think this is a great way that we can support important programs in the community, but also help out our patrons.”

Spradlin says the Food for Fines program only counts toward overdue fees. It will not count toward fines for lost or damaged items.

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