Woman and family seek help after devastating house fire

TRENTON, Tenn. – A Trenton woman needs help after a fire leaves she and her family homeless.

“Everything of 40 years of mine was gone,” said fire victim, Robin Samples.

Nearly a month ago, Samples’ Trenton home went up in flames. Samples says the family lost everything. Since then, she says she has been staying in a motel with her family.

“I just need clothes for me and my grandson. I don’t want money. I just want a place to live maybe yeah, but we need clothes,” said Samples.

She says life has been difficult.

“It’s hard,” said Samples. “Nobody has helped but the Red Cross. Carey Center gave us two weeks at a motel. Everything that I have owned, everything I ever had my whole life is gone.”

If you would like to donate to Robin Samples, we have the link in the ‘Seen on 7’ section or contact her at (817) 357-7856.


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