Customers catch bargains at a local consignment sale despite rain

JACKSON, Tenn–Sunday afternoon consisted of damp grounds, rain and umbrellas in hand.

Despite these conditions loyal customers still showed up at the Jackson Christian School to the Semi-Annual Consignment Sale.

“There’s actually more people here than I expected to see,” said Sarah Patrick, Co-Director of the sale.

Sarah Patrick, Co-Director of the Consignment Sale has made helping with these sales a semi-annual task.

“I’ve helped with the consignment sale for almost 20 years, so we do it twice a year for quite some time now,” said Patrick.

Kricka Peck said she also brings her family to shop here every year as well.

“I always love to get they’re spring and summer, we come twice a year, and get lots of things for them, because its a very economical way to shop,” said customer Kricka Peck.

Patrick said a portion of the proceeds from the sale go to the Jackson Christian School.

“It’s a pretty good fundraiser considering we do get the 40%, and it goes to help all areas of the school,” said Patrick.

The sale has items of all kinds for up to 50% off.

“We have clothing and shoes in this gym, and in our next gym is anything that is not wearable, so housewares and furniture, and baby toys,” said Patrick.

The sale will continue Monday and all items will be sold for just $1.

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