Volunteers discuss fundraising for Imagination Library

JACKSON, Tenn. — Since 2004, the Imagination Library has mailed out more than 33 million books to kids up to age 5.

“We’re holding the first of nine regional round-table sessions, bringing together our Imagination Library affiliate volunteers from the counties surrounding Jackson,” Books from Birth Foundation Vice President Dean Hoskins said.

These volunteers, along with the Governor’s Books from Birth Foundation, are the people who make it possible for your child to receive a book in the mail every month without cost.

“They are responsible for raising half the cost of the books in mailing to children enrolled in their county,” she said. “The other half of that cost is paid by our foundation, through a grant that the governor places in the budget every year and the General Assembly approves.”

In the meeting, the volunteers discussed the events they can have to raise money and the events they can have with the community.

“Jackson-Madison County holds, and will be holding on April 30, their signature event, called Books in the Barn,” Hoskins said.

During the meeting, Rent 1 donated $2,500 to the program.

“They do that through writing grants. They go to corporate sponsors, they have individual donors, who have then raised half of the cost,” she said.

For information on signing your child up for Imagination Library, visit imaginationlibrary.com.

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