Special presentation held in honor of veteran

JACKSON, Tenn. – A local veteran organization was officially founded today named after a fallen Marine Corps veteran.

It was a special moment for Military Order of the Devil Dogs.

“We’re here to commemorate one of our Marines, one of our fallen Marines,” said Andy Vistrand, Senior Vice Pound Leader.

They will name their pound after Master Sergeant Troy Mitchell, who was shot and killed on October 28, 2009.

“They are naming it and they have the family in the back that’s giving us the pleasure to name our pound after him,” said Leonard Spice, Chief Devil Dog.

“He was a leader in the Marine Corps League prior to my arrival here, and I had the opportunity to meet the Master Sergeant personally, but he is a very well-respected Marine,” Vistrand said.

His wife, Kelly Mitchell, says it’s an honor.

“Our family is so proud to know that his legacy is going to live on for decades with the establishment of this charter and we are just very honored,” she said.

She says his name will forever live on and be remembered as a hero.

“They helped greatly take care of us, and now they are taking care of us to see that his name lives on and honor the service he did,” Mitchell said.

Each member with the chapter signed their name on the charter making this Jackson, Tennessee veterans organization officially recognized across the country.

“This community respects him. This is a beautiful opportunity for us to memorialize one of our own fallen Marines. This is our way of taking care of the family and making sure his name is forever memorialized,” Vistrand said.

Master Sergeant Mitchell was awarded the Bronze Star in Operation Desert Storm and served 22 years active duty in the United States Marine Corps.

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