Little girl makes lifesaving 911 call

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. — A 4-year-old Humboldt girl’s quick thinking helps save a man’s life.

“I sent Nari next door to tell the maintenance man to come over and spray my porch because the wasps were so bad, and she rung the door bell and rung the door bell. He never came,” said Gloria Fair, Anarie Shutes’s grandmother.

“I peeked,” Anarie said. “And I saw him on the floor.”

On April 17, Anarie Shutes called 911 after she saw Larry Sikes, her neighbor and the maintenance man at her grandmother’s apartment, lying on the floor of an apartment he was cleaning at Waddell Gardens Apartments.

At first, she thought he was taking a nap in front of the stove. Then she told her grandmother, before calling 911.

“I’m just happy that I did go to the door, that my grandbaby was there, because if he would’ve laid there, he probably would have died because he had a stroke and a blood clot in his head,” Fair said.

Anarie says her grandmother taught her to call 911 in case of an emergency.

“If my grandma gets sick, I’ll call 911,” Anarie said.

Sikes was taken to a Jackson hospital and is expected to be transferred to a rehabilitation facility while he recovers.

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