Officials say newly planted tree vandalized at local park

HENDERSON, Tenn. — There are fewer leaves blowing in the wind after vandalism at a local park.

“Everyone has vandalism, unfortunately. It’s everywhere,” Parks Director Dena Azevedo said.

Gene Record Park in Henderson is no exception.

“It’s sad because we work really hard to keep the park clean, and it’s a people place,” Azevedo said.

Thursday, a picture was posted to Facebook showing a branch of a newly planted tree broken on purpose.

Officials say over the past two years, three trees have been removed from the park, but it’s not the only thing being vandalized.

“The vandalism is in our bathrooms, tearing up our bathrooms, and painting on things,” Azevedo said.

And even the park benches have been painted on, but businesses are stepping up to help replace the trees.

“We just put in three new trees, which were put in by Modern Woodmen,” Azevedo said. “They’ve offered more money to replace the trees that were damaged.”

City and park officials are also looking at ways to keep the park safer.

“We’ll probably have to buy security cameras,” Azevedo said. “Unfortunately, the money that it’s going to take to do that, they’re taking away from me.”

Azevedo estimates the security system could cost at least $10,000.

If you have any information on who’s been vandalizing the trees, call the Henderson Police Department at 731-989-2201.

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