Rosalie Manz


Rosalie Manz, Springville TN
Henry County Medical Center
May 7, 2019
Memorial service will be announced at a later date.
Her cremation will be buried in Lansing, MI with her parents.
October 6, 1925 in Onley, Illinois
Frederick Donald Manz   Both preceded

Margret Sherwood-Manz

Priscilla Martin, Buchanan TN
Cousins: Janet Bishop, Peoria Il  

Jane Hapeman DeKalb, IL

Survived by many friends and caregivers

Ms. Manz was a graduate of Michigan State University, earning her master’s degree. She taught math for 13 years in Bay City, Michigan school system.

She also worked for the IRS in Lansing, MI and retired as a rural mail carrier in Vermontville, MI. Rosalie enjoyed collecting stamps and volunteered at Henry County Helping Hand.