Swimming instructor offers life-saving tips

JACKSON, Tenn. — Two teenagers drowned in West Tennessee this week and now authorities are pushing safety measures.
To prevent even more drownings from happening, it’s important to be prepared.

“Learning how to swim is very important because it allows you to have a recreation, a fitness tool and a safety factor for the rest of your life,” said James Carmichael.

Carmichael is the co-owner of ‘Carmichael’s Swim School’ He has taught swimming lessons in the Hub City for more than 50 years.

He says his classes are nearly booked for the summer, but still advises tips for those making a splash.

“If you have an in-ground pool that has a deep end, you need to have a shepherd’s hook or a ring buoy or both so you can rescue someone that’s over their head,” said Carmichael, “and over your head because you’re not a trained lifeguard.”

Carmichael says there is one factor that could stump even the most advanced of swimmers.

“Swimming while intoxicated is one of the major causes of drowning. Don’t drink and swim, and always have somebody watching you who can assist you if you need help.”

Carmichael says to also remember these important precautions if boating or jet-skiing. “You need to have a life jacket on. If you are 12 and under, I believe the law requires you to have a life jacket on, and if you are over 12, the life jacket has to be in the boat.”

He adds, “don’t go out over your head and over-estimate your ability.”

Carmichael says he has swim lesson openings for July. To learn more you can go to their website here CarmichaelSwimSchool .

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