‘Denise LaSalle Blues Camp’ holds final performance

EAST JACKSON, Tenn.–  This week, the Denise LaSalle summer blues camp was held at Lane College. Friday night, children from across West Tennessee gave their big performance.

“My experience has been mind-blowing,” said Gabriel Rogers.

Rogers is a vocalist and guitarist at the camp. She will be dedicating this performing to Denise LaSalle.
LaSalle was an American singer, song writer, and record producer.

“This is her dream, her big dream,” said Rogers, “you know, it started off with 12 people last year now we have 25 this year.”

Laurice Lanier is the vocal artistic director at this year’s blues camp. She says she has one goal for all the young people apart of this experience.

“No matter the mistakes, no matter what happens throughout the performance, I want them to feel like they have really accomplished something special,” said Lanier.

“You just learn so much and it retains in you forever and you just keep it,” said Rogers, “and you can go on and share that with people you know or you can keep it within yourself and inspire others.”

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