Flooding causes problems at North Plaza shopping center

JACKSON, Tenn. — Rain filled the parking lot of a Hub City shopping center Wednesday, causing trouble for many.

Campbell Street Church of Christ Preacher Danny Sorrell’s evening at the gym took an unexpected turn.

“There was water up above the seats in my car,” Sorrell said. “It’s running now, but I also lost my computer that was in my backpack. It was completely destroyed.”

The parking lot at North Plaza shopping center off of Carriage House Drive filled quickly with heavy rains as thunderstorms moved through West Tennessee Wednesday evening.

The Jackson Fire Department went out to the scene, and in chest-deep water, made several water rescues.

“It was something that you wouldn’t expect to happen, especially in a parking lot, but it did, and it happened quick. It was crazy,” said Bree Forsythe, an assistant manager at Gimme A $5.

Forsythe was working during the storm. She says two customers’ cars and one employee’s car suffered flood damage.

“Her car was out towards the back of the parking lot. By the time it started happening, she wasn’t able to move it. All of her floor boards were flooded and her back seat is done for,” Forsythe said.

Forsythe says water came through the doors of the store as people drove by, but it was an easy cleanup.

No one was injured during the flooding.

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