Will Davenport performs at the AMP’s Summer Concert Series

JACKSON, Tenn. — Tonight downtown Jackson was filled with crowds from across West Tennessee.

The Amp at the Market was the place to be for family, fun, and music filled with riffs and runs.

Friday night the fourth performance was held for this year’s Amp summer concert series, free for music fans.

“It’s a quality of life situation for Jackson. It gives everyone an opportunity regardless of your economic status,” said Jimmy Exum.

Exum is the chair of the Amp Committee and says the turnout has been amazing so far this year with over 2,500 people showing up at the last concert.

“The last time I was here I really enjoyed myself with the King Beez out of Memphis, Tennessee, and I came back tonight to enjoy myself again, and I’m looking forward to come again some more nights,” said concert attendee Rose Donahue.

Many families say they are excited for the opportunity to spend time together while also supporting local musicians.

“It’s awesome to be able to come out and enjoy a nice family night and enjoy it with the kids and have fun,” said music lover Amber who attended the event with her two sons.

“It’s really nice, really nice! Comfortable. Everybody needs to come out and enjoy themselves,” said Donahue.

If you missed tonight’s performance, there will be six more concerts at the Amp before the end of the summer.

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