West Tennessee business wants to hire veterans

JACKSON, Tenn. — A West Tennessee business wants to hire veterans looking to transition back into civilian life.

July 25 is National Hire a Veteran Day, and JDog Junk Removal & Hauling franchise owner Daniel Witherspoon wants to let veterans know that he’s hiring.

“I’m open to interviewing every veteran and giving every veteran a chance,” Witherspoon said.

JDog is a national veteran-owned and operated franchise with 200 locations across the country.

“We make sure we do our part for recycling and re-purposing,” Witherspoon said. “Not everything we have goes to the dump.”

As a veteran himself, Witherspoon says he understands the difficult transition back into the civilian world from the military.

“You don’t have that day-to-day set routine,” Witherspoon said. “Once you transition out, you kind of miss it, and you’re looking for that routine again.”

He says it’s much more than just getting a job.

“They need a chance to show that they have these skills and are able to work successfully,” Witherspoon said.

Witherspoon says that his JDog franchise has been in business for a month now in the Jackson area, and he’s hiring for all positions.

“Any veteran that’s been in the Army long enough knows about loading and unloading things and moving office furniture and all of that. It’s pretty much the same thing as what you did in the Army,” Witherspoon said.

If you are a veteran interested in applying to work for the company, visit their website.

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