Jackson-Madison County School Board holds monthly meeting

JACKSON, Tenn. — It was a full agenda for school board members, hammering out issues for the Jackson-Madison County School System.

Thursday’s school board meeting began with the public voicing their concerns regarding a recent incident involving a school resource officer’s use of force on a student.

“When a child does become disruptive, we need to have correct policy and procedures in place that will take care of these children,” said a concerned parent.

Others say this incident highlights the lack of parental engagement in local schools.

“We are not teaching our kids about respect. They’re not actually going to the schools and seeing how disruptive some of these kids actually are,” said another concerned citizen.

School Superintendent Ray Washington says they are continuing to search for a resolution.

“I’m trying to set up another conference with the sheriff,” Washington said. “So we can have another discussion again since everyone kind of simmered down.”

During the meeting, school board members also voted on the next steps to finding a permanent superintendent.

“I guess they will get the process started in the next few weeks and hopefully come to a conclusion by April 1,” Washington said.

The board will also be setting up community meetings to get feedback on the type of person teachers, parents, and students want leading the Jackson-Madison County School System.

“That’s all we’re here for, is to help our students do better and help us do better to serve them,” Washington said.

The school board also announced that Governor Bill Lee awarded $400,000 to start work on the district’s Workforce Development Center, which will be located at Early College High.

The next monthly school board meeting will be held Thursday, December 12, at 5:30 p.m.

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