Woman accused of embezzlement at family business

SARDIS, Tenn. — A woman is behind bars after allegedly stealing money from her own family’s business.

James Ridley and his wife Lynne are the owners of Sardis Auto Repair.

“He’s just a good ole fashioned guy. That’s the best way I know how to put it. He’s polite and he’s friendly and he’s caring,” said Ashley Ruiz, Wendy Price’s daughter.

According to an investigative report filed with the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office, Ridley’s step daughter, Price, is behind bars. She is accused of stealing more than $11,000 from the business.

According to the report, transactions took place gradually between August 14 and January 6.

“My grandfather gave her a job in his shop to basically be the shop manager, and, you know, she was doing all of their books, handling all of the finances, everything like that,” Ruiz said.

She says her mother’s alleged actions have left her grandparents financially unstable.

“The shop on its own, cannot keep putting out jobs without the money to buy the parts and pay the labor,” Ruiz said.

In addition to the business, Ruiz says her grandparents need medication they can no longer afford. So now the family is asking the Sardis community to help.

“I know his customers love him, and if we could get the word out in that area, I really think there would be a lot more people that wanted to help. Prayers for them are always appreciated as well,” Ruiz said.

So far $320 has been raised of the family’s $15,000 goal.

To help the Ridley family, click here.

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