City reacts to cave-in at Redbone’s

JACKSON, Tenn. — A new cave-in has emerged in the Hub City, and it is raising questions on who will fix it.

In the Redbone’s parking lot in north Jackson, a section is now blocked off due to a cave-in.

The owner of Redbone’s, Trent Alford, says the cave-in stems from a storm drain pipe that goes under his parking lot, but is used by the city.

Lewis Cobb, an attorney for the City of Jackson, says the city is responsible for fixing storm water sewers that are under city roads, not private property.

“All over town there have been pipes transporting storm sewer underground, and when they fail on private property, they’re fixed by private individuals. This is not something the tax payers have a duty to fix. It’s a private property, it’s a private problem, it needs a private solution,” Cobb said.

According to Alford, the cost of fixing the pipe will range from $50,000 to $80,000.

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