More Rain And Storms Today

Weather Update: 8:00 AM, Wednesday, February 5 —

Good Morning West Tennessee. We start the morning off on a much colder note, generally anywhere from 15-20 degrees colder than yesterday. The cold front that pushed through last night has allowed some of the continental polar air mass to move into West Tennessee this morning. However as another area of low pressure tightens up and lifts NE along the broad trough to the west, the same front that moved by has stalled and is lifting back north across the region. Scattered Showers are already redeveloping in response. This afternoon we will be in a re-established warm sector that may be unstable enough to support vigerous convection mainly along and south of highway 64 later this afternoon and early evening. Another strong cold front will rapidly move E across West Tennessee. It will activate an area of storms, mainly in N Mississippi, but may extend into SW Tennessee. Main threat with stronger storms will be with damaging wind, maybe small hail as well.

The main cold front will pass through kicking the parent system east finally, it will also pull much colder air back into West Tennessee. Temps will fall through the 40s and into the upper 30s. There will still be the matter of the upper level low, which continue to pinwheel showers through the area on Thursday morning especially.

Storm Team Meteorologist
Moe Shamell
Instagram: @moeshamelltv

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