Scattered Showers And Falling Temps

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Good Morning West Tennessee. We started the morning off on a wet note with showers and storms. We are once again sandwiched between two very different air masses, A continental polar air mass situated in the northern Plains and the sub-tropical ridge along the SE United States… The flow between the two is where the subtropical jet flows, and where the lift is occurring. You can think of it as a tug-o-war. Ultimately, the polar air mass will win short-term, that will cause the frontal zone to sag south across West Tennessee, gradually as the day goes along. High temps will climb to around 58 today, mainly south of I-40. The rest of the region will probably not see much movement at all from this morning’s current temps. take the umbrella the chance of spotty showers is never zero at any point today.

Storm Team Meteorologist
Moe Shamell
Instagram: @moeshamellwbbj

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