County commissioners make decision on wheel tax, other topics

JACKSON, Tenn. — County commissioners were ready to decide on several things in Tuesday’s meeting.

The first was the wheel tax that would help fund the public-private partnership.

“We don’t need the expense of putting this burden on the back of the poor people,” commissioner William Martin said.

After lots of discussion, the wheel tax failed with a vote of 12 yes and 11 no.

Then it was time to approve documents for the public-private partnership. Interim superintendent Ray Washington first spoke about how it would help the community.

“With the tax credit, it offsets some of the expenses associated with it, including interest talked about over a seven year period,” Washington said. “It was set up to be in line with the cash flow of the county.”

Commissioners had varying opinions.

“We moved forward with the jail project because we had experts telling us we had to move forward with the jail project. We have our experts telling us we have to move forward with this project today too,” commissioner Jason Compton said.

“New commissioners have to take some responsibility here because when you came on we had $35 million or so in debt. Right now we’re 85 plus a little bit more. We can’t keep doing that,” commissioner Jimmy Arnold said.

It passed with a vote of 18 yes, two no, and three passing.

And the commission voted to unanimously accept Morris Merriweather’s resignation from the school board.

Commissioners also voted to approve the building of a new Pope Elementary School, and they also approved legislation for Great Wolf Lodge to build in Jackson.

The lodge now goes to state legislators to vote on before coming back here for one final vote.

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