What’s New Wednesday: Life Up Nutrition

Michelle Just is from Louisville, Kentucky. Now, that she is in the Hub City, she wanted to add a new flavor to the community.

“We are missing healthy options and I feel like that’s what this town really lacks,” said Just.

She opened Life Up Nutrition in North Jackson, a smoothie and juice bar with a friendly atmosphere.

“Life Up Nutrition is just a place where we want community,” said Just.

She works alongside her mother.

“There has been a role change where I was the boss and now she is, but it’s good,” laughed Just’s mother, Vladia Hamada.  “I’m very proud of her.”

They make Reese’s, white chocolate and strawberry smoothies, to name a few, and also healthy teas.

“I just ask people ‘what’s their favorite dessert?’ and people are just wowed because they can’t believe that a shake this good would have 250 calories,” said Just.

“I think it’s the healthy option they have here you don’t find that at a lot of places in Jackson, so I really enjoy that after a workout in the morning or for breakfast. I love the blueberry muffin shake and I am obsessed. I’m from Nashville, so it’s really refreshing having one of these places in Jackson. I love it!” said customer, Laila Al-Hagal.

Life Up Nutrition even has a Selfie Wall where customers can take pictures, tag “@LifeUpNutrition” and receive $1 off their purchase.

Life Up Nutrition is located at 1348 Union University Drive in North Jackson. They also plan to have trivia nights and sisterhood events.

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