Health officials give update on coronavirus

JACKSON, Tenn. —  According to health officials, there are zero confirmed coronavirus cases in Madison County as of Thursday.

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However, there are 18 Coronavirus cases in the Volunteer State.

“Davidson is up to 6 counts, Knox has their first case, Shelby County has two, Sullivan County has one and Williamson County is up to the count of 8,” said Kim Tedford. Tedford is the regional director of the local health department.

Executives for West Tennessee Healthcare say there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in any of their facilities.

“That includes Bolivar, Camden, Dyersburg, Jackson General, Martin, Milan and Pathways,” shared West TN Healthcare Chief Executive Physician, Jackie Taylor.

Officials say to keep those facilities as safe as possible as there will be limited entrances, and pre-screening for all patients and visitors.

“If you’re a visitor and you present with a fever or a cough, we are not allowing you to visit the patients in our facilities,” explained West TN Healthcare COO Tina Prescott.

“Unless you’re extremely ill in respiratory distress and need emergency care, please don’t go to the emergency department and ask to be tested,” Tedford said.

Doctors say if people experience symptoms of the virus, it’s vital to visit a primary healthcare provider.

“80 percent of the people who get COVID 19 are going to get sick and recover without any problem. It’s that other 20 percent that we’re concerned about,” Tedford explained.

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