How local artists are being impacted by COVID-19

JACKSON, Tenn. — Some industries being affected during this Coronavirus pandemic are bars and other entertainment services, and many of them are temporarily closing their doors.

But, it’s especially hard on the musicians who depend on them.

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Matthew McSwain is a country singer, songwriter and musician, born and raised in Jackson. He says he’s seen first hand how hard it’s been to book events.

“I have a lot of really good friends that I write with in Nashville that are left with no options, and what they are doing is they’re finding additional work or they’re doing you know live videos,” said McSwain.

Local artist Will Burton has played professionally at least for three years. He says he usually fills up his weekend’s events easily, but has noticed how it’s been slowing down.

“It seems like the venues that I normally play at, like the restaurants and the bars and stuff, are kind of hesitant to book anything,” Burton said.

For some artists, it’s their only source of income. Both say local artists need community support right now.

“I think right now to support us would be to stream our music, buy our music,” Burton said.

“If I see they are doing a live video on Instagram or Facebook or whatever maybe, I tune in just to offer some encouragement,” McSwain said.

To support local artists during the pandemic,  visit the “Seen on 7” section of our website for more.

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