Multiplying Good: Jennifer Burns

Jennifer and Bernie Burns’ daughterJennifer Burns, Ashley, had heart surgery twice. She was just 16-years-old for her first surgery.

“She’s had heart surgery at Le Bonhuer twice. They saved her life basically twice,” said Jennifer.

“You can’t give enough to make up for a life,” said Bernie.

This life changing moment inspired Jennifer to spend five weeks each year for the past seven years fundraising for Children’s Miracle Network, specifically Le Bonhuer Children’s Hospital and Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.

“It’s been over a half a million dollars,” said Bernie.

Jennifer attends dance marathons and festivals to help raise money.

“We get to go to children’s hospital week each year and we visit children from around the country that have been impacted by Children’s Miracle Network, “said Jennifer.

“I mean, she does it every single day and doesn’t expect anything in return for it and that’s a pretty big deal,” said Bernie.

“It’s great to know they can make such a difference in children’s lives,” said Jennifer.

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