Dresden Mayor speaks out about curfew, closures

DRESDEN, Tenn. — On Monday, Mayor Jeff Washburn made an announcement that a curfew will be put in place in the City of Dresden. The curfew will start from dusk to dawn each day.

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“The curfew is going to start tonight to limit traffic and things in our community to prevent people from walking the streets,” Mayor Washburn said. “We have had some cases where there has been some homes and vehicles and buildings broken into our community. We want to limit people having the ability to walk at late hours of the night.”

The curfew means that no one will be allowed to walk or drive in the city, unless there is a specific exception. Those exceptions include people driving through the city, people going to work, or people going out of town.

“This curfew is not designed to prevent people transiting back and forth to work [who] are doing legitimate activities such as taking care of elderly parents and things of that nature. We want to encourage people to continue doing those things but non-essential activities in vehicles and walking is what we are trying to limit,” Mayor Washburn said.

All city facilities will also be closed after dusk.

All parks within the city are, as of Monday, completely closed and all activities will be prohibited at Wilson Park.

Gates to the parks will be closed, and the city will put up more barricades to limit access.

The walking trail will remain open, but anyone using the trail is required to stay at least six feet away from other walkers.

“We are concerned about the safety of folks during this time,” Mayor Washburn said. “We are just asking people to maintain that six foot separation or more and other social distancing guidelines published by the CDC.”

The new curfew and the park closures will be enforced by the Dresden Police Department.

The City of Dresden encourages elderly citizens and people with cardiac or respiratory issues, diabetes, and auto-immune disorders to stay home.

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