Jackson’s ReNew Biomedical repairs ventilators nationwide

JACKSON, Tenn. — For more than five years, ReNew Biomedical in Jackson has been repairing equipment for hospitals across the country.

“Items such as defibrillators, EKGs, vital signs monitors, IV pumps and ventilators,” said Mark Taylor, ReNew Biomedical President.

But once COVID-19 hit the U.S., they knew they would have to step up to the plate, especially in ventilator repairs.

“In our peak, four to six weeks ago, we turned out about 1000 ventilators in one week,” Taylor said.

Usually they’ll do four to five ventilator repairs a week. Over the past two months, they’ve done hundreds of repairs in a week, with turn around times going from five to seven days to just two to three days.

“We’ve ordered everything from hundreds of batteries to the smallest of internal compressors that go onto these things,” said Justin Smith, managing partner at ReNew Biomedical.

Since March, they’ve serviced at least 5,000 pieces of equipment and gotten requests from all 50 states and even other countries.

“To know we are part of the solution has been a really big deal, so we’re looking forward to serving our community and many countries we haven’t had the opportunity to serve,” said Jill Taylor, ReNew Biomedical Marketing Director.

They also have four vehicles allowing them to travel all over the country and service ventilators at the hospital for an even quicker turn around time.

Taylor said this past weekend was the first they haven’t had to work to keep up with demand in two months.

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