Thelma Barker kindergarteners celebrate graduation

JACKSON, Tenn. — Kindergarten students at one school celebrate moving on to first grade.

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Faculty at Thelma Barker Elementary School organized a drive-thru graduation ceremony for the kindergarten class of 2020.

Proud parents decorated their cars for their student, and each student wore a purple graduation hat.

Students heard their name called as their family drove up to receive their kindergarten diploma, and then a bag of end of the year gifts, their artwork and supplies.

“I get really attached to them throughout the year, and they become my kids. Seeing them and their faces, which I haven’t seen in so long, really brings up a lot of emotions,” said kindergarten teacher Lauren Gatlin.

“We didn’t really get to tell them goodbye, so this is kind of that time we get to say bye, and congratulations, you’ve done great. It’s really like closure for us,” said kindergarten teacher Hailee Meals.

Teachers say at least 150 kindergartners graduated.

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