Jackson church hosts former NFL player, tackles racial issues

JACKSON, Tenn. — “We want to understand and understanding is not going to come until you have dialogue,” Sparks said.


Fellowship Bible Church hosted the GreatMan fall event Monday evening. College football All-American and former NFL player, Calvin Clark, traveled to West Tennessee to speak and discuss how Christians should respond to racial issues.

“There’s a lot of opinions out there, but God doesn’t deal with opinion he has the right perspective” Clark said.

Clark says it is a discussion that is greatly needed but has been absent.

“Growing up in this world and how we can best navigate through the tension in our culture today from a biblical perspective,” Clark said.

Fellowship’s covenant life pastor Michael Sparks says he contacted his friend Clark to come speak to help his church learn understanding.

“Because of the circumstances and the volatility within our culture and our land today, we felt like it was paramount to us to address it as a church,” Sparks said.

Fellowship hosts GreatMan events with hopes to connect men with other men no matter what race.

“Our focus is the gospel and our desire is for men whether their white, black, red, yellow to come to Jesus,” Sparks said.

Clark discussed the importance of addressing racial issues and the correct way to do so.

“It all has its root in the foundation of sin and that’s the way we’re gonna look at it versus pre-judging one another or pointing fingers at one another. Sin is the culprit,” Clark said.

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