Tennessee State Veterans’ Homes makes changes to Angel Tree Program

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. — The Tennessee State Veterans’ Home in Humboldt says COVID-19 has radically changed their holiday plans.

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Employees at the home started thinking about their annual Angel Tree Program, which usually involves buying gifts for residents.

“Because of COVID-19, we’re unable to take in clothes and things from stores and people that drop them off. So what we’re asking for is gift cards,” said activities director Carol Holt.

Why gift cards? Because the home has been provided iPads, which will be used to order gifts straight from websites.

“We’re able to take those into those rooms, and let the residents actually go in to Walmart.com and Amazon.com and pick out exactly what they want,” Holt said. “They can go in and say, ‘Oh, I like that sweater,’ and we order it for them.”

Holt says they want to reach a goal of $100 worth of gift cards for each of their 96 residents.

“I see these people coming in and doing things for our veterans every day. We are always truly blessed, and I feel like we will reach our goal,” Holt said.

You are still able to go into the room at the Tennessee State Veterans’ Home that has the Angel Tree. Employees just ask that when you return the card with the gift inside, you knock on the front door and an employee will come take your gift card.

Holt also says if you do grab a card, make sure to pray for your resident, as many residents are hoping for a more joyful holiday.

“The residents are always surprised at how much they get. They’re always like ‘Are you sure these are all mine?'” Holt said.

Organizers are urging participants to turn in the gift cards by Dec. 5 in order to guarantee the gifts arrive by Christmas. They said they do prefer Walmart gift cards.

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