New information released regarding COVID-19 vaccines for Madison Co.

JACKSON, Tenn. –The health department released new information regarding the COVID-19 vaccine for the Jackson-Madison County area.

Earlier this week, the Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department announced residents 75 years old and older could make an appointment to receive their first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

On Saturday, Jackson-Madison Co. Health Department Regional Director, Kim Tedford says the response was overwhelming.

“Well, our response was overwhelming so much so that our phone system crashed,” Tedford said.

Tedford says the health department was able to book appointments for many residents. And says if you were able to get through and schedule your appointment, keep it.

The health department also announced that they will have a drive thru vaccination clinic on Thursday, January 7 starting at 9 a.m. at the Jackson Fairgrounds.

“It will be completely drive thru. You will drive through the process. We will vaccinate you in your vehicle and then we will monitor you in your vehicle and then allow you to leave,” Tedford said.

If you choose to participate in the drive thru vaccination clinic. You’ll need to enter from Magnolia Street, and make sure you’re available on January 28 for your second vaccine.

And starting Monday, January 4, the health department will release a Rapid Response List for volunteers to receive the vaccine.

Tedford says this list is for anyone who lives in Madison County who can be at the health department within 30 minutes to receive a vaccination if called.

Tedford says in some cases, doses are leftover and can be given to people on that Rapid Response List.

“If the state reaches out to us to say we’ve got some vaccines that are going to go bad, can you take it? We’re absolutely going to take it because we want to get it in as many people’s arms as we can,” Tedford said.

She says if you can not commit to returning for your second dose, please do not get vaccinated as that dose can be used for someone else.

Tedford says those second doses are critical to the vaccination cycle.

Tedford says she hopes we can can move through the phases as quickly as possible, to get to a place where everyone can receive the vaccine that wants it.

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