Funeral homes adjust to impact of COVID-19

JACKSON, Tenn. — While COVID-19 deaths continue to grow, funeral homes are having to adjust to the impact it is having on them.


According to CNN, some funeral businesses across the U.S. have run out of space due to COVID deaths. With the CDC guidelines funeral homes have to follow, Charles Rahm of Arrington Funeral Directors says these circumstances have made the funeral process much different from what they are used to.

“With the lack of people wanting to come to the funeral home, families wanting to make sure they keep their families safe and secure… so not a lot of public interaction” said Rahm.

Rahm says even though Arrington Funeral Directors haven’t conducted a large number of funerals related to COVID-19 deaths, it has affected other funeral homes around West Tennessee.

“Maybe 10 or 15 at the max, but it certainly has affected the area for sure” said Rahm.

He also believes the number of deaths may increase.

“We’re probably going to continue to see an increase in COVID-related deaths not necessarily just here, but across West Tennessee and Middle Tennessee area” said Rahm.

He also says their funeral home has followed all COVID-19 precautions and they are enforced to families who choose their services.

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