City of Jackson launches new app with JTA

JACKSON, Tenn. —A new transportation app is available now for community members to use.

The City of Jackson has launched a new app with Jackson Transit Authority.

“A few months ago we received a grant from AARP for the Community Challenge to be able to provide some upgrades for the Jackson Transit Authority, specifically an app that would allow rider’s to track in real time the location of their buses,” said Director of Performance Management, City of Jackson, Lauren Kirk.

The app is now live to Jackson residents.

“You can download it in the app store. It’s the TransLoc app and it allows you to look and see in real time when buses will arrive. You can search by address, things like that,” Kirk said.

After receiving the $35,500 check from AARP, Kirk says the city of Jackson put the full amount of funds into the app.

“It went toward the initial implementation and then I believe, two years of subscription. So then we will look at budgeting for future use,” Kirk said.

Kirk says she hopes the community can see the app as a new convenience when transporting.

“All of us rely on transportation. And being able to know exactly when to expect your bus, really cuts down on wait times. Especially in inclement weather, cold weather, and it just makes the process more efficient so that you can use your time better,” Kirk said.

Kirk says she hopes this app will be a start for what’s to come for the Jackson community.

“This project we hope will kick off more service upgrades. That way we can make our transportation services more efficient, more inclusive, and just an overall better experience for our customers,” Kirk said.

She says she’s excited to continue innovating and keep serving the community to the best of their abilities.

Kirk says paying through the app is not available to customers yet, but it’s an add on they are working on getting in the near future.

For more information on the app and how to use it, you can head to the ‘Seen on 7’ section of our website.

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