Local apartment complex launches free library for residents

JACKSON, Tenn. — Last year, the Jackson-Madison County Library partnered with Jackson Housing Authority to provide Lincoln Courts WiFi in their community rooms.

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Now, they’re working together again to encourage reading in the complex by building a “Little Free Library” in the community room at Lincoln Courts.

Library director Dinah Harris says Lincoln Courts residents can go to the community room and bring a book to drop off to share with others.

“Pick something off your shelf you didn’t enjoy as much and see if someone else will enjoy it,” Harris said.

Or, you can pick a book from the Little Free Library to take home to read.

“It’s just a great way to share the love of literature and keep people reading which makes their lives much more successful,” Harris said.

The books provided at Lincoln Courts were donated by a retired Madison County teacher, and the shelves includes books for all ages.

Harris says the Little Free Library is great for easy access, social distancing, and building the community at the same time.

“Read one, take it, read it, return, leave something else if you have got something else you want to share,” Harris said.

Harris says the only thing they’re asking of patrons is to respect others in the complex who may want to read the same books as you.

“We would like people to just take one or two at a time, and be generous to your other fellow citizens and leave something for them to read,” Harris said.

The Jackson-Madison County Library and Jackson Housing Authority hope to get back into helping with programming when COVID-19 goes away.

They plan for this to be their next step in their partnership at Lincoln Courts.

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