Jackson budget committee discusses new cars for JPD

JACKSON, Tenn. — The City of Jackson’s budget committee is looking at their 5-year-draft capital plan, but expect many changes through the upcoming review process.

Jackson Police Department

Thursday, committee members discussed financial options for the Jackson Police Department’s fleet vehicle replacement.

JPD currently has 31 vehicles that are 70% over mileage. They came to the agreement that if JPD were to get new cars, they would redirect money already given to them for the cars.

The council is preparing to only replace a few at a time, but Police Chief Julian Wiser wants to set up a long range plan to get all of the cars up to date.

“The most important thing is just establishing that operational line item every year, paying for vehicles. If we can get that established, that will have a significant impact,” Chief Wiser said.

The committee is looking to add external auditor services in the upcoming weeks.

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