Virtual COVID-19 meeting discusses new variants

JACKSON, Tenn. —State leaders and health officials discuss COVID-19 and possible new mutations of the virus.

Brownsville City Mayor Bill Rawls hosted a virtual “Mitigating COVID-19” meeting this morning.

Guest speaker was Infectious Disease Physician, Dr. Manoj Jain of Memphis, who discussed numerous topics related to COVID-19 such as different COVID-19 variants, vaccines, effective use of masks and advice on social distancing.

Dr. Jain shed light on the South African and Brazilian COVID-19 variants. These are highly transmissible, far more than the original strain, and are also vaccine resistant.

“We have found several UK variants in the greater Memphis area and Shelby county. We have found the California one, one of the Brazil as well. So just to give you a sense, these are real and as soon as we find them, the health department does a very active job of containing them,”Dr. Jain said.

Dr. Jain also discussed how people should wear double masks for it to be more effective in protecting against the spread of COVID-19.

He also says if you had the vaccine and still get the virus, you are not required to quarantine.

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