Company to bring fiber internet to rural Tennessee

JACKSON, Tenn. — Tennesseans will have the opportunity for reliable internet source, especially for those working from home during COVID-19.

Tec Internet

TEC, a fiber broadband provider, will be soon providing fast fiber internet to parts of Carroll, Benton, and Henry counties.

TEC won over $200,000 in funding from a FCC auction to build internet access for Tennesseans.

Executive Vice President for TEC Joey Garner says their goal is to minimize the digital divide for Tennesseans by providing high quality and affordable internet solution.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to expand our areas and our services so that we can connect more people in rural Tennessee,” Garner said.

Garner says their goal is to improve the areas that they serve, and having internet connection can help plenty of families who need it while allowing people with the ability to work from home.

“We all know last year, and even now with COVID, we’ve had to do most things from home and most of those things involve a good connection to the internet,” Garner said.

She also says it will help people with medical care and those with developing businesses.

TEC will be constructing approximately 55 miles of fiber with the funding and connecting over 900 businesses and residences.

TEC will also provide an additional funding for over $2 million for the construction

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