Madison County Highway Dept. working to fix roads following rain, snow

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — Just when the severe weather ended, the Madison County Highway Department is back at work — this time, cleaning up the damage.

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“We had water over the road in several locations throughout the county, and we did have a few culverts that washed out in the county,” said Madison County Highway Superintendent Bart Walls.

Those include Hopper Road, Bowman Collins Road, and Wilde Road.

“Typically where we’re having these washouts is at older culverts that we need to get replaced, and we have a plan to replace those culverts over time,” Walls said. “Typically culverts get replaced when we have serious issues with them.”

Walls says they’re trying to get to these washed out roads as quickly as they can, but if you see one that hasn’t been addressed yet, there’s a few things you should do.

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“Just call our office at 422-1651 and let us know, and we will get someone to take a look at it and see if it’s something we need to repair immediately, or if it’s something we can put on the list and repair sometime this week,” Walls said.

And do not drive past the warning signs.

“It may appear to the driver that the corner of the road is washed out, and the remainder of the road is still fine to drive on, but what you can’t see from driving on the road is that the road might be undermined and you might be driving on air,” Walls said.

And the Tennessee Department of Transportation says they’re seeing increased potholes on state roads and interstates. They ask you be patient while they fix them.

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