Trash accumulates at former homeless camp in Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. — Trash is accumulating at what used to be a homeless camp, and now questions are being raised about who should clean it up and how.

“I was shocked. I was really shocked,” said Rick Morphis. It was a place that held many memories for Morphis.

“We would go out there in the 70s as preteens and young teens to build forts, ride motorcycles, and three-wheelers,” he said.

But when he visited what he called “Bob’s Trails” near Old Hickory Boulevard earlier this week, he found a mess. And he was mad enough to make a Facebook Live about it.

“It looked like it had been destroyed, and people had thrown everything everywhere,” Morphis said.

We took a look around the area Wednesday morning. Beds, sleeping bags, old pots and pans, and signs could be seen. The remnants of a homeless camp.

“When they’re gone, they’ll leave everything, and the weather will deteriorate it, and it rots and it’s just being overlooked,” Morphis said.

According to state records, the owners live in Georgia and the trash has been there a while. It is visible on Google Maps.

The city of Jackson said they said they don’t know who is responsible for it.

“If we can get a starting point, just a foundation to where we can start from that and work from there and get it cleaned up again, and restore it to the way it used to look like,” Morphis said.

And this man is willing to start that process himself.

“I’m willing to come out and donate any amount of hours to feasibly help with raking, possibly clearing the area, and having burn barrels to burn paper in at the adequate times,” he said.

The city says they’re looking into the issue and will get back to us with possible solutions.

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