Coon Creek Science Center opens in Adamsville

ADAMSVILLE, Tenn. — A local university extended their campus reach on Friday.

The University of Tennessee opened its largest and oldest classroom at the Coon Creek Science Center in Adamsville.

“We have renovated the entire site. We did a lot of landscaping work, and made it into what you see here,” said Jack Garrett, paleontology intern at the Coon Creek Science Center.

The center will offer something for all science enthusiasts, including a fossil bed, a weather station, and an astronomy pad.

Their main goal is to gain more interest in the STEM field.

“We’ll have a variety of programs, from K all the way through 12, and then for the public, to come in,” said Coon Creek Science Center Director Michael Gibson.

The center will also offer citizen science, where the public can come in and assist in digging and even research at the center.

“Anything involving STEM, we will be able to do on this site. The best part, we get to reach down to earlier age kids and maybe bring them into the field as careers as they grow up,” Gibson said.

The Coon Creek Science Center will officially be open to the public in July.

“If you’re interested, contact the UT Martin Selmer Center. You can make reservations to do a little digging and take your own fossils home,” Gibson said.

University of Tennessee System President Randy Boyd attended the ribbon cutting ceremony.

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