West Tennessee Strawberry Festival kicks off with annual prayer breakfast

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. — Monday morning’s prayer breakfast was the kick start to Humboldt’s biggest week of the year: the 83rd West Tennessee Strawberry Festival.

“My hope is just as a community we say, ‘Hey! It’s great to be together.’ It’s great to celebrate the good things in our community, and to be united in purpose in that way,” said Union University president Dr. Dub Oliver.

Oliver spoke at the prayer breakfast this year.

“I just wanted to encourage them about the fact that Jesus enjoys feasts as evidence by his involvement in the wedding feast in Cana in Galilee,” Oliver said.

They held prayers for the country, state, and city of Humboldt.

“After having to cancel last year, we focused on what’s really important, and this is a great way to begin the week,” said Betty Langley, president of this year’s Strawberry Festival.

Last year, the festival was cancelled due to the pandemic, but this year, you can expect the same events as previous years.

Those events include pageants and the Junior Floats and Grand Floats parades.

“I look forward to lots of bands and lots of floats,” Langley said.

With more people from across West Tennessee expected to pour into Humboldt, the economic impact is large, but the social impact might be just as important.

“Especially since the pandemic, everyone coming together and having a good time and getting outside. People are so ready for fun and to have a good time,” Langley said.

For a full schedule of events, click here.

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