Porchfest unites community through music

JACKSON, Tenn. — “Just a wonderful event, I’m really happy Jackson has this going on, for real,” said Cliff Jkson, local rapper.

“Our Jackson Home, every year we celebrate ‘731 Day’ and that is just a celebration of our city and the people who make it special,” said Courtney Searcy, Program Director of Our Jackson Home.

The annual Porchfest is bringing the community together through music.

“It’s really just a day for people to get out in their neighborhood, connect with one another, experience local music and celebrate our community,” Searcy said.

Local artists sing on homeowner’s porches and are able to connect with the audience. For some, singing in front of an audience was a new feeling.

“So many people, but it was cool. I was just thinking it’s hot. Luckily there were so many other things going through my mind that I was able to get caught in the moment and everybody was so nice to me and participating, rapping and singing with me. This was amazing, this was amazing,” Jkson said.

If there’s one way to to describe the event, it would be filled with love.

“There’s so much love. One of the only times you can walk into a stranger’s yard and receive love. Love everywhere, everybody’s acting like they know you and we know each other. We’re all neighbors, we’re all family so that’s the best way to describe it. There’s a lot of love down here,” Jkson said.

Putting it together is not easy, but it is worth it in the end.

“This event is truly a community event, it takes the City of Jackson, it takes the police department, it takes hosts sponsoring their homes, there are so many moving parts so all of those people volunteering their time, volunteering their stages, sponsoring artists, means the world to me,” Searcy said.

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