Former Governor Bill Haslam releases new book

JACKSON, Tenn. — A former governor is helping others through his new faith-based book.

Bill Haslam is the former mayor of Knoxville and Tennessee governor.

He is now sharing tips on having faith as a politician. He is doing this through his new book “Faithful Presence,” which highlights his attempt to address how he feel the country is divided.

“We’re not just divided, but we’re mad. We’re mad at the other side and think they have bad motives. The book is my prescription of what partially people of faith do about that. How can we the people of faith address the situation that’s kind of pulling our country a part,” Haslam said.

On Wednesday, political leaders and the community came to hear Haslam speak on the reasoning behind the book.

He gave people the opportunity to ask questions and participate in a book signing.

Haslam says he addresses many topics in the book. He says one of the problems that may be contributing to the division in our country is COVID-19.

“Politics unfortunately made the situation worst instead of actually solve the problem,” he said.

HaslamĀ  says this book is not just for politicians. He hopes anyone who reads the book learns the importance of keeping their faith while being in the public eye.

“The book is my reflections and insight, having been a mayor and a governor, about how I think people of faith can actually address what concerns all of us and the polarization that’s dividing our country,” Haslam said.

Haslam’s book can be found on multiple book platforms.

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