Families reunite for a weekend at UT Martin

MARTIN, Tenn. — Students are being reunited with their families for the weekend at UT Martin.

UT Martin had a few extra Skyhawks on campus this weekend.

Students were able to bring their family to show them what life is like for a UTM Skyhawk.

Students and their families were able to attend a football game, a tailgate party on Saturday, and a Bowtie Brunch on Sunday.

Sherry Burnett came down to watch her daughter, Emily Pennington, perform on the UTM Pom Squad during the game on Saturday.

“It was a lot of fun watching her do what she loves to do. I am glad that Martin has provided a place where she can do what she loves to do,” Burnett said.

Burnett says she knows that the UTM community has taken great care of her daughter.

But having this weekend is also nice to check in and spend time together.

“As a parent, that makes you feel good. Knowing that your kid is going to be taken care of when they are so far away from home. It is nice on family weekends to come down, hang out, and make sure she is okay,” Burnett said.

UTM Junior Hallie Thomas enjoyed the weekend with her parents.

Her mom Kathleen says they are states away from Hallie, so this weekend is special for their family.

“We’re from Maryland, so last year we sent her and didn’t get to see her for a long time. So it is really nice to be back and have family weekend again,” Thomas said.

“We went to the football game. We went out to eat a few times, and got to hang out a little bit,” Hallie Thomas said.

Pennington says with home being four hours away, going back doesn’t happen often. So having family weekend is a great way to make up lost time.

“Being able to have her here and show her all of my good spots. And showing her around campus and what I am doing here. Also, reassuring her I am safe and this is a good environment for me to be in. It is awesome to have that time between the two of us,” Pennington said.

The weekend ended with a UTM soccer game against Western Carolina.

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