FEMA works to get assistance to flood victims in Waverly

WAVERLY, Tenn. — A FEMA representative is currently working non-stop to make sure everyone knows what assistance is available to them in Waverly.

For residents struggling to pick up the pieces after the flood that struck the area, there is help available.

“For the residents of Dickson, Hickman, Houston, Humphreys counties, they may be eligible for assistance from FEMA, which includes temporary rental assistance, temporary lodging assistance, and repair assistance,” said FEMA spokesperson Garard Hammink.

Hammink says residents could qualify for temporary housing for at least two months, but can be extended even longer than that.

“It can be renewed as long as the applicant shows continued need, as long as they save their receipts, update FEMA on their situation, that rental assistance should be able to be approved,” Hammink said.

Hammink says there are a few stipulations that a person should know about before applying.

“FEMA cannot duplicate insurance coverage. So when you are applying for FEMA assistance, you want to have your insurance information with you so that you can enter that information in,” Hammink said.

He says even if your insurance information doesn’t come in at the time of applying, you can add what you have so far before the final total.

“When you know more when you get your insurance settlement, then you can update your information online at disasterassistance.gov,” Hammink said.

Hammink says so far the agency has received over 1,600 applications for the programs and encourages more people to apply who may not have even known this assistance existed.

“Residents of these counties can go to disasterassistance.gov or call 1-800-621-3362,” Hammink said.

Hammink says if you prefer to be helped in person, he encourages you to come to their FEMA office in Waverly.

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