Suicide numbers worry local health professionals

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local medical professional says among young adults, suicide is one of the leading causes of death.

“People under 25, suicide is the second leading cause of death and that is significant,” said Anna Cook, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.

September is Suicide Awareness Month, and a local psychiatric nurse practitioner says sometimes people don’t talk about it since there’s a stigma attached to it.

“A lot of times people feel ashamed or afraid to ask for help because they don’t want to be labeled as somebody that’s mentally ill or crazy,” said Cook.

Cook says there are other places besides a mental health clinic where those with suicidal thoughts could be.

“More so in medical clinics, in schools, in community organizations like churches and that kind of thing because that’s more likely where you’re going to pick up on those types of things,” said Cook.

She says there’s many factors that lead people to commit suicide.

“An impulsivity like somebody’s gotten into an argument, it can be bullying, it can be financial stress, especially like the things we are seeing from the pandemic is definitely increasing these situations,” said Cook.

There are some signs to help you detect if someone is having suicidal thoughts.

“Being more withdrawn, not wanting to participate in activities that they normally like to do, not wanting to be with friends or family, sometimes being even more irritable towards family member or co-workers, those can be definite signs that there is something going on,” said Cook.

However, there are ways to cope with suicidal thoughts.

“We feel like the best outcome is if you’re doing a combination of medication and therapy if you need medication. A lot of people really just need therapy, just really need someone to talk to work on their coping skills,” said Cook.

She says there are ways that you can help someone, mainly just being there for them, letting them know you really care and offering to find them help.

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