West Tennessee Fair returns, bringing back rides and food

JACKSON, Tenn. — Due to COVID-19, we haven’t seen the West Tennessee Fair in over a year.

But starting Tuesday night, friends families are able to get out and enjoy it once again, filling empty swings, slides, and roller coasters.

New attractions are joining old favorites for the biggest fair yet.

“This year’s fair is so special because we didn’t have fair last year. That’s the main thing. We actually have more rides, we have larger rides, and we’ve set everything up. In my opinion, this is the best looking fair that we’ve had,” said Maj. Michelle Mehr, with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

For COVID-19 safety, the fairgrounds are now more spread out. To limit contact, the ticket system is now digital.

“You cannot 100 percent remove contact, but it limits the contact between passing money and passing tickets back and forth. Everything’s on a digital card. There’s kiosks all around the event, where you can load a card and ride rides, play games, buy food, and it’s a real simple system,” said William Purdy, Amusement Attractions owner and manager.

There’s also QR codes on the boxes so you don’t have to go back and wait in line to reload. For an even faster system, you can download an app on your phone.

“If your kids are out here and you download them a card and you’re on one side of the grounds, and they’re on the other and they say, ‘Hey mom, I’ve run out of money on my card or credits on my card,'” Purdy said. “She can go on her phone if she has the app and then load from the phone instead of going to a ticket box.”

An old time favorite the Chicken Shack is also accommodating guests.

“People can come into the fair and see everything, or they can actually order. They can come up, drive up towards the gate, and they will bring the food out to people. So if they’re worried about being around a lot of people, they can still get the awesome food and the Chicken Shack,” Mehr said.

Tuesday night is P-O-P, so you only pay one price for admission.

Gates opened at 5 p.m. at the Jackson Fairgrounds, so be sure to get out there soon.

The West Tennessee Fair is back! It is bringing new and old attractions, food and more!

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