Former WWE star shares his story at a local church

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local church hosted a special guest from the WWE Hall of Fame.

From success to salvation, Ted Dibiase spoke at the Victory Worship Center in Jackson for their homecoming family weekend.

And he shared his story about becoming the ‘Million Dollar Man’ to an ordained minister.

After leaving wrestling 20 years ago, he has traveled the world speaking to groups about his call to ministry.

He says despite his success as a WWE Hall of Famer, nothing is more satisfying than what he does now.

“There is nothing like it. It is not anything that I thought I was ever going to do, but I have never been happier and more fulfilled than doing this,” Dibiase said.

Pastor JP Stovall says last year family weekend was canceled due to the pandemic.

So along with having the former WWE wrestler there, seeing familiar faces made the weekend special.

“We consider much of our church, more so family than friends. And so it is great to see everyone and have everyone in church,” Stovall said.

Dibiase spoke to the congregation Saturday night and again on Sunday.

Stovall says they finished the weekend with a potluck.

Church members say they were moved by Dibiase’s story and grateful to have the opportunity to hear it.

“It is really an inspiration to see where he has come from to where he was, to where he is now. It was really inspirational and we enjoyed having him,” said church member, Kenny Fitzgerald.

“He is a great guy and does an awesome job at presenting his testimony of how God changed his life. We were really blessed to have him here,” said youth pastor, Tony Stewart.

Dibiase says ministry was never in his plan, but now he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“There are a lot of things I planned for, and then my plans for whatever reason get changed. And I end up somewhere where I didn’t think I was going to be, and it ends up being the greatest thing that ever happened,” Dibiase said.

Dibiase is heading to Georgia next. He will be speaking at a university convocation.

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