Fire department shares safety tips as Fall nears

Fall begins on Wednesday, and cooler  weather will eventually come with it.

Jackson Fire Department wants to remind you of some safety tips before you start heating your home.

For space heaters, JFD says:

  • Keep space heaters at least 3-feet away from anything that can burn (furniture, blankets, curtains, paper products)
  • Choose space heaters that turn off automatically if they tip over
  • Never use a space heater to dry clothing
  • Turn off space heaters before you go to bed
  • In a kerosene heater, use only the proper fuel
  • Refuel a heater outside, after it has cooled

For Electric Wall Heaters, JFD says :

  • Temperature control units may automatically turn themselves on when the temperature drops below the thermostat setting
  • Because they do not operate in summer, months these units are often forgot about and may have furniture and other combustible items located within close proximity
  • Electric wall heaters should be checked to ensure no combustible materials are located within at least a 3 feet radius
  • The units should be inspected prior to the onset of cold weather

For furnaces, JFD says:

  • Have your furnace inspected every year by a licensed professional
  • Keep anything away that can burn away from the furnace
  • Keep the vents clear; carbon monoxide is vented out of homes through the flue likely through the roof

The fire department urges you to keep smoke alarms up-to-date, along with carbon monoxide detectors.

Plus, having a home escape plan will help everyone in an emergency, according to the department.

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