JMCSS students named ambassadors for Do The Write Thing Challenge

JACKSON, Tenn. — An annual writing contest recognized students with the Jackson-Madison County School System.

What can you do to prevent youth violence? The question was asked to young writers in school system.

“Today is our annual luncheon for the Jackson Do The Write Thing Challenge, which is a youth violence prevention program for middle school students here in our Jackson-Madison County School System,” said Councilman Ernest Brooks.

The Do The Write Thing Challenge gives middle school students the opportunity to share some of their personal experiences through writing.

“The violence that I experienced from my peers, it was something that just bothered me at the time,” said Zoe Azbill, a program ambassadors. “Putting a pen to a paper helped process it and get over it.”

Ten boys and 10 girls were carefully selected to become ambassadors of the program. Azbill and Isiah Coleman were chosen out of the 20 to become national ambassadors.


“Going into it, I really didn’t think that I’d receive all of these awards and stuff, but I just started writing. Like the effects of violence, how it affected me, then other people in my community,” Coleman said.

The challenge not only provoked the thought of making a difference, but also helped some students accept their own identity.

“It really did. It not only helped my confidence, it helped me come out to people unapologetically and not let ‘what if they’re not okay with it’ affect me,” Azbill said.

All of the ambassadors received a Kindle gift card, and a booklet including all of the writing entries.

Do The Write Thing Jmcss 1

The two national ambassadors of Do The Write Thing will become public authors and will also participate in a virtual recognition ceremony online.

You can learn more about The Do The Write Thing online or through their Facebook page.

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