Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall visits West Tennessee

TRENTON, Tenn. — The Vietnam Memorial Wall is usually in Washington D.C., but luckily for Gibson County, the wall made its way to the town of Trenton.


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“It’s a 3/5 scale replica of the Vietnam wall that’s in Washington D.C. that we travel around the country with so people who can’t make it to DC can come and visit friends and family members on the wall,” says wall manager Doc Russo.

The traveling memorial wall travels to about 18 cities throughout the year, allowing visitors to remember and pay respects to their loved ones.

“It’s a very humbling reaction. Sometimes you get joy sometimes you get tears maybe a family member that never met dad or grandpa,” says Russo.   

The wall has been up since September 23rd. Sunday a closing ceremony was held to honor Gibson county soldiers whose lives were lost at war.

“We’re veterans, veterans of foreign wars and so every name on this wall is one of our brothers and sisters. We all served and we had twelve members from Gibson county who are actually on this wall,” main organizer, Hannah Blurton says.

Although this wall isn’t the original, visitors can still appreciate it and remember the lives lost. 

 “Not everybody gets to go to the big wall in DC and while this is not quite the big wall, it has everything the big wall has,” says Blurton.

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